VRF, which is the largest business line of our company, stands for Variable Refrigerant Flow. It is an air conditioning system in which more than one indoor unit is controlled with an outdoor unit. A VRF Air Conditioning System controls the flow of refrigerant based on the building’s changing capacity needs. The VRF Air Conditioning System consists of the outdoor unit outside the building and the indoor units used to cool and/or heat the living spaces inside the building.

The biggest feature that distinguishes VRF Air Conditioning Systems from classical split air conditioners is; through its variable gas flow rate, it works together with energy saving and keeps the comfort of the users at the highest level. With maximum care and respect for the environment, the system provides enhanced application flexibility focused on energy savings. It provides full independent control in any new or existing building, from a multi-storey plaza to a single villa.

VRF Air Conditioning Systems have 2 different types of systems: Heat Recovery VRF (both heating and cooling at the same time) and Heat Pump VRF (only heating or only cooling at the same time). It is successfully used in places where independent ventilation applications are required such as Hospitals, Airports, Schools, Hotels, Offices, Sports Centers, Shopping Malls, Villas, Restaurants and Plazas.

As Aşalı İnşaat, we provide maximum comfort with minimum energy, depending on the changing capacity needs of the buildings within the scope of VRF.